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All Your Podiatric Services Under one Roof in Montreal


Custom Orthotics

Do you have flat feet? This condition increases the risk of developing foot, leg, knee or spinal pain. An effective tool against various foot problems, orthotics are prescribed to you by a professional podiatrist. They prevent and relieve pain by providing the necessary support to the plantar arch.


Diabetic Care

People with diabetes gradually lose sensitivity in their feet. To keep your feet in good health, see your podiatrist on a regular basis.


Corns and Calluses

A corn is the result of localized thickening of the skin due to pressure, often forms in the shape of a cone, and can cause pain. In a situation of continuous pressure (walking, sports, standing ...), the corn initially serves to protect your foot from external attacks. Corns can be found on the joints of hammer toes (hard), between the toes (soft) or on the sole of the foot. If not treated, the corn keeps coming back because the skin is already affected.


Onychomycosis (fungal infection)

A toenail infected with a fungal infection is yellowish, thick, dystrophic and crumbly. This is a slow infection that gradually damages the nail.


Minor Surgery - Ingrown Toenail

If your nail seems to push outwards, so that it grows under your skin and becomes painful, you are probably suffering from an ingrown toenail. They can be generated by trauma, shoes that are too small, nails cut too short, etc. As ingrown toenails are conducive to infection, it is better to treat it quickly.


Plantar Wart

A plantar wart is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) that affects the outer layers of the skin and creates a benign but painful lesion. The plantar wart is contagious: if we scratch it, the virus can spread on the fingers, on the shower floor or locker rooms, etc. Although it tends to disappear after 2 years, we recommend treating it clinically so it does not grow to pose a greater risk and does not become invasive.


Laser Treatment

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest treatment technologies: laser treatment is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of your plantar warts or fungal infection. Make an appointment today to consult a professional!

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