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Healthy Feet for All

Clinique Podiatrique de LaSalle: Your Podiatric Health Is Our Specialty


Feel Comfortable on Your Feet Again

Clinique Podiatrique de LaSalle treats various ailments affecting the feet, such as ingrown toenails, infections (athlete's foot), fungus and plantar warts. Our clinic also treats corns, calluses, and injuries affecting ligaments, muscles, bone and joints.


Laser Treatment

Do you suffer from nail fungus or plantar warts? Our laser treatment will relieve you and remove any trace of infection. Call us to make an appointment with one of our professionals.


Manufacture of Custom Orthotics

We design and manufacture custom-made orthotics to eliminate pain caused by flat feet, ankle misalignment or poor weight distribution on the soles of the feet. Through good diagnostic tools, we are able to quickly help children, adults and the elderly.

Professional Associations and Involvement

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Sports-related Injury


We treat injuries affecting
ligaments,muscles and

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Learn more about
the treatments
offered by the podiatrist.


Flat Feet


Reduce the pain with
suitably-made orthotic.

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